Making your project rollout a success

I’ve spearheaded a number of tech projects in my day, from software roll-outs to custom systems to one-off projects, and I’ve learned a few things (mostly through trial-and-error) about what makes an effort a success or a failure.

Don’t Show It Until It’s Ready

I tend to let my enthusiasm get the better of me and want to talk about or show someone something I’m working on before it’s really ready for primetime. I tend to forget that a) most of the people around me aren’t as in to tech as I am and b) people tend to remember being unimpressed.

I’ve had more than one disappointment when I show someone something I’m working on and naively assume they “get what it’s about,” despite the fact that all the pieces aren’t in place. It just takes the wind out of my sails and, worse, reduces the chance that, when your work IS done, that that person will be able to look at it with a fresh eye.

So, as excited as you may be, don’t show others your work until it’s in functional order.


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