Google Glass to go augmented reality?

From Engadget: Google wants Glass-like headsets with holographic displays

423989-google-glassNot even remotely surprising – Google Glass always seemed as if it’s already 3/4 of the way there to becoming a full-on AR device. What will be interesting is if they’re able to build the capability into a similar form factor – current AR headsets are too bulky to be used in public and being able to introduce an AR-enabled version of Google Glass would give Google a huge leg up in the area. I’m sure it’s not this simple, as the hardware required to be able to project images over live, moving objects in the real world is an entirely other matter of projecting to a fixed point (as the original Google Glass did), but we’re bound to get there!

Of course, this doesn’t mean that people will find it any more socially acceptable to wear one in public, but we used to think texting in public was tacky, too…

The quagmire of messaging

I read an article from Wired this morning, Screw Texting. It’s Time to Pick a Universal Messaging App, that really struck a chord with me. The state of texting/messaging is one of those quagmires I think we’ve all simply gotten used to the low-level buzz of aggravation.

sms_largeAs an iPhone user, I mostly use the built-in messaging app, but I don’t really love it. I love the the fact that it’s free to send messages to other iOS users (when their servers work and when the other party has thought to sign their device in with their Apple ID). Then there’s plain texting to non-iOS users. Then there’s the occasional person who reaches out to me via Facebook Messenger (which I hate). THEN there are the voicemail messages I receive transcribed to text by Google Voice (see my post True Visual Voicemail from just a few days ago) which are, essentially, text messages to me.It’s maddening.

And the crazy part is that it’s not brain surgery – all of these apps basically perform the same function. Why can’t someone build ONE that performs the core features extremely well (by the way: a massive emoji collection is not key to my productivity) that is so compelling that we all want to get on-board?!