My first 24 hours with the Moto 360 and Android Wear for iOS

og unnamedFollowing up on my recent post, Wearable tech, Google finally released an iOS-native version of its Android Wear app on Monday, enabling iPhone users to use smartwatches like the Moto 360. Of course, I grabbed the app the instant it became available and my first impressions are basically, “Wow. This is great – I’ve got a functional, stylish smartwatch for less than half the price of the Apple Watch.”

Here are some of my initial thoughts so far…

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Heard of Periscope? Maybe you have – it’s the latest whiz bang tool that all of the cool kids are talking about these days. Twitter released it for iOS in March (and subsequently released an Android version a couple of months later). Described as a “live video streaming platform,” Periscope is a low-to-no friction way for anybody with a smartphone to stream live video wherever they are.

9885733_origThink about that for a moment: it’s not recording video on your phone for later upload to Facebook. It’s not a one-to-one video call between you and another specific person. It’s you live broadcasting your life at that very moment for anybody out there to watch. It’s sort of a mobile version of (gamers are probably the only ones who will get that reference).

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