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Category: How To

  • grep search for lines that do NOT contain certain words

    Of course, all it took was a little Google searching to find the answer to this, but I never bothered to do it until today – this is a lifesaver: ^((?!hede).)*$ The regex above will match any string, or line without a line break, not containing the (sub)string ‘hede’. Thanks to this post for this gem.

  • Hiding a user’s posts in Slack

    Needless to say, I haven’t been updating this blog for a while now – I’ve been pre-occupied with my new job for the past year and am now getting to a point to where I feel like I have my feet on the ground again, so I’m looking forward to posting some new tips here…

  • Determine which installed apps are from the Mac App Store

    Been a while, hasn’t it? I started a new job about five months ago that has me doing all sorts of new things, so I’ve been pretty busy. The good part is that I’m starting to develop a few little goodies and tricks to help me do this new job, like this one: Need to…