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Tag: MS Windows

  • Configuring DNS servers on NIC card of Active Directory system

    If your office is using a Windows Server system as your primary AD/DHCP/DNS box then you need to be a bit careful about how you configure that computers network interface card. Here are a few tips to keep in mind: If you have multiple NICs on the machine, don’t try bonding them together – Microsoft…

  • Run Internet Explorer on Mac OS X

    This is a great tip; can’t believe I never stumbled onto it before: basically, download and install the free VirtualBox virtual machine system and then download a prepackaged version of IE to run within it. No standalone OS install or anything. Brilliant! From OSXDaily.com: Internet Explorer for Mac the Easy Way: Run IE 7, IE8,…

  • Search for and delete directory in MS Windows

    for /f “delims=” %%d in (‘dir <directoryPath> /s /b /ad ^| sort /r’) do rd “%%d” Note: remove one of the two percentage signs when running from command line.