True visual voicemail

From Engadget: Apple reportedly wants to turn Siri into your receptionist

imgresThe long-and-the-short of this story is that Apple is investigating the idea of introducing transcribed voicemail messages to your mobile device, something Google Voice has been doing for a few years now. I’ve been using it for ages (once you install GV, it will walk you through the process of supplanting Apple’s built-in voicemail capability with its own) and, though it’s a bit dodgy in its transcribing capabilities, has long been a function I can’t live without.

The simple fact of the matter is that it’s much more convenient to be able to read the message a person left rather than have to play it back – particularly when it’s a long one.

This report actually comes at a good time, as a) Google Voice has been neglected for a long time, lacking UI updates, feature improvements, etc. and b) I use iOS’ speech-to-text function all the time and find it to be pretty good, so it would probably be a step up from Google’s offering.

Until then, though, don’t hesitate to install Google Voice on your iOS and start enjoying transcribed voicemails right now.

Download Google Voice for iOS here.