Forcing clients to use 5GHz on a Ruckus Wireless network

logo-ruckusMy office relies on a Ruckus Wireless-based wifi system, which has worked very well for us. We’re currently using a ZoneDirector 1000 controller and three ZoneFlex 7962 access points (they replaced the original, 2.4GHz-only ZF 7942 units we had for the sake of adding dual-band capability).

I recently came to discover that many of our laptops, despite being capable of using the 5GHz band, were preferring the 2.4GHz band (presumably due to a logic choice made based on each band’s signal strength at the time of connection). Since wifi performance is known to be better on the 5GHz band, I began looking into how to set up two separate SSIDs, each for the exclusive use of either 2.4GHz or 5GHz.

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