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Cloud-based file storage services: a quick overview

A user recently asked me for a suggestion on an FTP service so he can deliver large video files to clients. This sent me on a quick research jag into the major cloud-based file service players.

Keep in mind that the target audience here is an individual user, servicing external clients…

Box DropBox SkyDrive
Storage Capacity (free) 5 GB 2 GB 25 GB
Storage Capacity (paid) $20/month for 50 GB $10/month for 50 GB n/a
File Upload Size Limit 1 GB no limit (2 GB when uploading via web) 100 MB

Just based on this information alone, Dropbox is the obvious answer. Add to that the fact that Dropbox features unparalleled integration on both desktop and mobile devices and it’s the clear winner here.

P.S. – The super cheapskate can find way to extend the available capacity of a free Dropbox account to 20+ GB by doing things like maxxing out referrals and taking advantage of frequently-announced special offers.

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