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I can’t believe it: I’m actually excited about Microsoft

I, like many in the tech world, have come to see Microsoft as this lumbering, somewhat outdated, juggernaut. But Wired magazine’s latest issue puts the spotlight on new CEO Satya Nadella and his efforts to essentially obliterate the outdated worldview of Steve Ballmer.

b-1024x768I was particularly taken by the profile on the HoloLens technology they’re developing. To my mind, THIS is the future of VR – I’ve tried the Oculus Rift and was thoroughly unimpressed with it – the clunky hardware (which I realize will improve, of course) and the feeling that I’m very cut off from the world around me just feels wrong.

Then I see this article about the HoloLens and I think, “Of course! Superimposing data on top of my real world view is EXACTLY how this should work!” I’ve messed with a few iOS-based AR apps in the past (Yelp’s Monocle, Layar and the now-defunct acrossair browser) but, clearly, having this functionality built in to glasses is a more appealing prospect.

Read the profile on Satya Nadella here and be sure to check out the HoloLens sidebar here.

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