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Migrating to G Suite: Contacts

Strangely, G Suite’s migration tool (mentioned in my previous post) can only import contacts from Microsoft Exchange – no ability to grab them from other GMail or G Suite accounts.

Fortunately, contact migration is very simple: I was already using Google Contacts to store my contact information, but this is an easy task regardless of what tool you’re coming from – simply export your contact collection from your current tool (typically as a CSV file) and then import in to your G Suite account’s contact app.

Google’s documentation on exporting/importing contacts can be found here.


One thing I ran in to, which may be unique to me, was some contact record duplication where the only difference between the two records was that one of them would have a malformed zip code – I often store zip codes in “+4” format (yeah, I’m that nerd) and a few duplicate contacts were created where that four-digit extension got thrown in to the address field for some silly reason.

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