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Migrating to G Suite: Fit

Although I’m not a particularly active person, I do use a Wear OS watch (currently a Fossil Gen 5, which I recommend). As a result, that, along with my Pixel 2, are constantly trying to track my activity.

I had configured Wear OS to use my G Suite Basic account and the watch was constantly throwing me authentication errors. I’ve ignored them for a while but finally took a little time to dig into it.

I was originally thinking that G Suite accounts simply didn’t support Google Fit, but it turns out it has to do with G Suite’s device management.

According to this post on the Wear OS community forums…

From Google Admin:

  1. Go to Device Management -> Setup -> Mobile Management and verify that Mobile Management, if enabled, is set to “Basic”
  2.  Go to Device Management -> Password Policies and disable “Requires users to set a password”

This did the trick for me – thank you, ricerocket!

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